Is a relationship doomed right from the start based on genetics?  Some experts think so...

A study out of Yale found one of the keys to a happy relationship is . . . if one or both of you has a specific genetic variation.

Do you have the Happiness Floats gene, The Kramer Vs. Kramer gene, or the It's Complicated gene.  I just made up those genetic names, but c'mon do you believe this?

Lead author Joan Monin, associate professor at the Yale School of Public Health, and her team studied 178 married couples ranging in age from 37 to 90 years old. Each participant completed a survey about their feelings of marital security and satisfaction, and also provided a saliva sample for genotyping.


This study shows that how we feel in our close relationships is influenced by more than just our shared experiences with our partners over time,” said Monin. “In marriage, people are also influenced by their own and their partner’s genetic predispositions.


That's romantic...a survey and a saliva cup, just my opinion.

Obviously we will all have varying opinions on this, but to find out more you can reference the entire article here.





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