Home of the best chicken wings, a major draw for concerts, a leader in economic development and now Buffalo is known as a world leader in drivers crashing into buildings!

It started with WIVB TV compiling a list of 26 crash sites in Western New York, and then with Cynthia Van Ness continuing to track drivers crashing into buildings. Our region has amassed over 150 documented news stories with such incidents!

As of one year ago, Buffalo, New York, is still a world leader in this unfortunate statistic.

The Buffalo News reported:

The list now exceeds 200 collisions, a mind-boggling number for just a decade – that's roughly 20 per year, or one every 18 days.


Although Western New York seems to experience an inordinate number of these collisions, a Risk Management Magazine report from fall 2014 notes that over 60 car-into-building crashes happen daily in the United States.

That is a startling number of cars crashing into buildings, Western New York. It makes us a little nervous to stand in line near the front of the coffee shop in the morning. What do you think causes the high number of crashes into buildings reported in the region?

[Buffalo News]

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