As with many of the events that we are used to going to every summer, the Lewiston "Chalk Walk" is taking a new direction this year.

They are still looking for your artistic drawings and this year there's money up for grabs!

It used to be a part of Lewiston's Art Festival.  As you know, that event isn't going to be able to happen the way that it has in the past.  This would have been the 36th annual "Chalk Walk."  But there's good news...they're still going to do it this year.  It's going viral, and it could be even bigger this year.  What used to be teams of people working on a one day, timed drawing is going to open immediately.  It's not timed....and they're opening the competition up to everyone!

That's right, you don't have to be a resident of Lewiston, you can be any age to enter, and you can work as long as you want on your work of art.  It just has to be finished and submitted by July 20th.  So get your box of chalk ready and start making those sidewalks colorful.  You could win $500 if you win the grand prize.  There's even a second place "People's Choice" award that will bring you $250.

Many people have already been putting positive, uplifting messages on sidewalks and parking lots anyway.  Why not submit your work for everyone to see?

According to WGRZ, here are the rules:

- Work solo or as a group

- Fill out an application at

- Submit your work by Monday July 20th.

- You can submit as many works as you'd like.

- Entries will be posted on the Lewiston on the Arts facebook page.

That's pretty much it!  Get to for more info!  Get creative...and get going!


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