According to a new survey... Dave is old!


The average age you are officially an old person is 41. You read that correctly! This is according to a new survey from The Sun. According to The Sun, you make the full transition at 57. He still has sometime to go but to be honest, it's getting pretty bad! The number 1 reason... Forgetting people's names.

Dave often calls me Melanie instead of Melody! He calls Rob, Bob...

Number 2 is losing hair... We have found strands of short grey and black hairs around the studio. Dave has short blackish greyish hair and it is gross to clean!

Dave often complains when he gets up from his seat with a giant... "AHHHHHHH!" The third way you feel old is if you feel stiff.

The most important way you feel old is when you say, "Back in my day!" Dave says this all the time to Rob and I.

Sorry Dave, you are old! (According to this survey) What do you think?

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