The future of new cars and trucks that run on gas is not looking too bright. A date for a ban on new cars that are powered by gas has been set in at least one state in the country.

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I am torn on this one. The new electric motors seem to have plenty of power and even can be made to produce a rumble that would make it seem as if you are in a gas powered vehicle. Old habits die hard and change can be difficult. However, I do see the benefits of not having as many gas powered vehicles polluting the air. Especially in an area that has a large amount of cars like the cities in California. Plus, not having to buy gas would be a major bonus financially over the long run.

While we wait to see what other states like New York do, auto manufacturers will have to plan accordingly. 15 years will go by quickly! New York seems to follow the lead of California on many issues and I imagine that a gas powered vehicle ban will be considered sooner rather than later.

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