The housing market in New York State continues to be red hot and that means that a lot of New Yorkers are looking to rent a place instead of buying.

While there are plenty of rules and regulations when it comes to renting an apartment, house, or room to someone, this might be the craziest rental ad you will see in all of New York State.

This rental is for a place in Buffalo, New York and it sounds like a great place to spend your downtime, there is one catch that might be WAY over the line.

This ad is for a fully furnished one-bedroom inside a home where the renter would also have access to the rest of the house like the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

The owner of the home has two other bedrooms in the home, but they don't live on-site and the ad does state that the owner has the right to stay at the home four weeks a year.

Yep you read that right, the owner can drop in, chill for a week or two, and then boom is out again. How crazy is that?

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For $1500 a month, you get one room in a home, access to the house, and a roommate 4 weeks a year!

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