His favorite might be his La-Z-Boy...nearest the TV, but what about your favorite

Think about it...you walk in from work...where do you turn.  You're tired and it's the middle of the day you need to assemble your thoughts on what you're going to deal with next.  You're feeling under the weather...you get the idea.

Your couch is like an old friend, it's seen good days, bad days, pets, accidents, kids...and you love it.  If only your couch could talk...

Maybe it can...

The average American couch is six years old, holds $1.55 in change and has been cried on 17 times — according to new research.


America’s typical couch has also been napped on 36 times, played host to 32 catch-ups with family and friends and nursed us through 21 sick days so far, according to results.

Right now, I don't know about you but I could go for a nap on my old friend.

(SWNS Digital)

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