Imagine a world where you could simply find a safe quiet place to escape to recharge your batteries at work.  Now stop dreaming. It's here in WNY.

The service is the work of Joel and Sandy Arcadipane.  They're people who love to nap.  Sandy started taking power naps about 10 years ago and has seen their multiple benefits.  Now, they want to pass them on to workers here in Western New York.

When talking with friends they were joking about how they would love to open up a place where people could come and take a power nap in the middle of the day.  But then realized that if people had to come to them, they might as well just drive home and take a nap. The idea was dropped.

But then they thought...what if they could come to where people work and offer them a place to take a nap?  It's a different story if all they have to do is walk out to a parking lot to recharge.

"I wish a bus would just drive up with a bed inside for me to nap. I just need 15 minutes! Just 15 minutes and I will be okay!" - Sandy Arcadipane

How many times have you had that thought while struggling to keep your head up at work?  If that's you, you're in luck.  There is now a bus that will do that for you.

They call it "The Nap Experience" and it's all about employee wellness.  Over the last couple years, employers are learning that their employees are more productive when they're physically and mentally healthy.  With a focus on that, many employers are doing what they can to provide that type of environment for their employees.

Click here for more articles on the benefits of a wellness program at work.

Want to make a reservation to get them to come to you?  Click here to make your reservation now.

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