With gas prices continuing to rise around New York State, it's imperative to find the cheapest places to fill up. There seems to be no relief in sight for prices, which have soared above $4 per gallon all around the state. According to Triple A, the average gas price per gallon in New York State is $4.445, while the national average is $4.316. That means New Yorkers are paying, on average, almost 13 cents more per gallon.

The counties in New York with the highest gas prices are:

- Orleans ($4.446)
- Hamilton ($4.474)
- Delaware ($4.445)
- Dutchess ($4.526)
- Putnam ($4.551)
- Westchester ($4.593)
- Rockland ($4.597)
- New York ($4.802)
- Bronx ($4.497)
- Queens ($4.500)
- Kings ($4.473)
- Richmond ($4.473)
- Suffolk ($4.457)

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Here's How To Buy Gas From Costco Without A Membership

There is a simple hack to help you get cheaper gas from Costco, even if you don't have a membership. You will need to have a friend, family member, or perhaps co-worker who does have a Costco membership. Costco allows people without memberships to make purchases using its gift cards, which are called Costco Shop Cards. While only members can buy them, you are permitted to use them without a membership,

Nonmembers, as well as members, may use Costco Shop Cards to shop at any Costco location in the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico, as well as online at Costco.com and Costco.ca.

So, the way around having to be a member is to give a trusted Costco member you know some money to buy a gift card for you. Kirkland Signature™ Gasoline, Costco's gas brand, is generally less than other gas stations (but there is no guarantee, so you should definitely check first).

There are 19 Costco locations currently listed across New York. You can find the locations and their phone number to call here.

The same seems to hold true for BJ's, but it doesn't explicitly state on its website that non-members can use gift cards,

BJ’s Plastic Gift Card: Cards are redeemable only for Membership fees at BJ’s Club front-end registers and for merchandise at BJ’s Club front-end registers, at checkout at www.bjs.com, and at BJ’s Gas locations.

At BJ's, members can participate in the BJ's Fuel Savers Program, which allows them to purchase certain items to save 10 cents per gallon, paying as low as 2 cents per gallon. I would definitely recommend calling your local BJ's first to clarify if you need a membership to buy gas, and if so, are non-members can use gift cards at the gas station. You can find BJ's New York locations here.

Unfortunately, Sam's Club will not allow you to use a gift card to buy gas without a membership.

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