As we head into fall and get ready for a cool down in temperatures, the leaves across the state are starting to change.

The website has posted their Fall Foliage map to show you where and when the leaves are changing across the state.

i love ny leaves

According to the website, we could see color change this weekend here in Western New York!

In the Chautauqua-Allegheny region, spotters reporting from Allegany State Park in Cattaraugus County expect 20 percent or less color change this weekend with some subdued orange, red, and yellow leaves emerging. Individual trees with coloring have become more apparent since last week. Greater Niagara region spotters reporting from Wyoming County expect 20 percent color change with touches of red, yellow, and orange leaves of average brilliance. In the Hudson Valley, Columbia County spotters reporting from Hudson expect 15 percent color change with hints of yellow, gold and orange peeking through.

Are you excited to see the color change?

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