We don’t need Clarissa to explain today’s TV revival fad, but darn it all if Nickelodeon isn’t calling her anyway. Melissa Joan Hart is in talks to return to one of her most famous roles, as Nickelodeon plots a new rendition of Clarissa Explains It All.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, original series creator Mitchell Kriegman and star Melissa Joan Hart are in talks for a new series built around the title character, this time – you guessed it – featuring Hart’s Clarissa Darling as the family’s mother. Kriegman would write and executive produce along with Hart, though the project is said to be in early development. The series would potentially discard Kriegman’s 2015 novel Things I Can’t Explain, which followed Clarissa in her late 20s.

The original series ran from 1991 to 1994 for a total of 65 episodes, and featured Hart as a teenager who frequently broke the fourth wall to address the audience. The series also starred Jason Zimbler, Sean O’Neal, Elizabeth Hess and Joe O’Connor, and is believed to have paved the way for other female-fronted series like The Secret World of Alex Mack. This is also the second Melissa Joan Hart series given a high-profile reboot or revival, as Netflix is also working on a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with Mad Men alum Kiernan Shipka.

We’d doubt if the new Clarissa Explains It All arrives on the air in 2018, but stay tuned.

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