Anyone in their 20's and 30's remembers Legends of the Hidden Temple. The game show ran on Nickelodeon from 1993-1995. It ran reruns throughout the '90s.

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Well, get ready, because Legends of the Hidden Temple is coming back and this time it's for adults!

According to WGRZ, an upcoming mobile streaming service called Quibi will reboot the show. They intend on bringing back the famous moat crossing, temple crossing and of course, the talking stone face, Olmec.

The show is geared towards adults, the same adults that watched the show as kids and have since grown up. The challenges will be more difficult and the prizes will be even better.

“Bringing back ‘Legends’ for Quibi is a dream come true,” said Scott A. Stone, Quibi Executive Producer. “I have been so lucky to be part of this defining millennial show, and now there is a defining millennial platform to go with it. I couldn’t be more excited.”

No word on exactly when the reboot will debut but 90's kids couldn't be more excited, including me. Legends of the Hidden Temple was probably my favorite game show growing up.

Read the full story at WGRZ.

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