If you watched the Grammy's last night you witnessed amateur hour at it's finest.  How does a show of that magnitude make so many basic mistakes?


Is nothing rehearsed?  In one sequence, the announcer forgets to mention Metallica is going to perform, and then the lead singers mic doesn't work.  Double fail. Only other thing they could have screwed up was saying that Lady Gaga is Madonna.  At that point they probably should have.

The 59th GRAMMY Awards - Roaming Show
Larry Busacca, Getty Images for NARAS

Look, things happen, I get it.  Travolta can't read the giant teleprompter - Fine.  Adele (on her own) swears and restarts a song - Nothing you can do about that.  When nobody knows what's going on every time they come back from a commercial - Unacceptable.


James Corden  did an admirable job hosting the event, but his opening sequence of (planned) miscues turned out to be a harbinger of things to come.  Point is, Grammy's - what's the deal?  You're almost 60, get it together.  This isn't a Nickelodeon event, it's for the big boys.  Stop getting caught with your pants down...unless it's planned.

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