No more dogs at public events like Canal Fest, in the City of Tonawanda.


Channel 4 talked to City Dog Control Officer Jace Kowsky,

“I’m a pet guy. I have three dogs, this isn’t a war on pets, but there’s a time and a place to bring them, and, you’ll have a better time down at Canal Fest, and all these things,  if you leave your dog at home in the air conditioning.”

Kowsky added,

Dogs can get agitated it tight spaces, experience discomfort when walking on hot pavement. And, like humans, they can experience heat exhaustion.

Still others don't agree, such as Chris Wallak, a dog owner

“I think the responsibility  should be on the owner and not on the city of where they can bring their dog. So, I am opposed,”



This new "ordinance applies to all dogs, including emotional support dogs. It does not apply to service dogs. "

So, what do you think?

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