If you drive down the road or past any apartment building this week you will see them, and a lot of them.

This week seems to be the week that everyone is tossing out their Christmas tree. But is there a better way to recycle your tree?

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Yes there it and it is by using goats!

Yep, goats. Many goat farmers around the area look for Christmas trees because goats love munching on them. According to WTNH.com, goats can eat up to seven Christmas trees a day. The goats will eat everything off the tree and it is good for them.

“They not only eat the needles off the trees, they strip the bark right off of it and they leave the tree almost completely naked,” Longoria said. “The tree is a completely different color when they are done with it. All of that sap, the sap goes into their bodies and provides them nutrients.”

Recycling Christmas trees with goats not only cuts down on trees in landfills but also helps keep the local goat population happy and healthy.

There are goat farms located all over New York State. To find one close to you, you can click HERE.

Also as a reminder make sure to contact the local farm before dropping off your tree and make sure everything like tinsel is off the tree.

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