Even though the General Mills' people's intentions were good, Cheerios is facing some pretty harsh-backlash on their recent #BringBackTheBees promotion.  But the packet sent to Western New York should be just fine! Read on!

With bee populations on the decline, the makers of Honey Nut Cheerios wanted to do it's part in trying to help the cause by sending packets of wildflower seeds to customers.

The idea was that with the new flowers generated by the seeds planted, more nectar would be available for our buzzing friends.

However, unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished.  The issue at hand is that some of the wildflower species included in SOME of the packets can do some serious damage to the ecosystem.  They can inadvertently take up space, use resources, and spread disease.

For example, in Massachusetts and Connecticut, the Forget-Me-Not is banned as a "noxious weed".  And while a California Poppy is lovely in California, it can wreak havoc on ecosystems in southeastern states.

An ecologist specializing in invasive plants said:

No plant is inherently ‘bad’, but many species can and have caused a great deal of damage when they are introduced into locations outside of their native range.

So what if you received a packet in Western New York?  As long as yours is the Eastern Great Lakes Pollinator Mix, you're in the clear! All the seeds are safe and suitable for Western New York planting, as well as in Ohio, Indiana, and Western Pennsylvania.

For more info on what seeds AREN'T safe in other areas, you can read the entire article on Lifehacker.

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