I was in a bit of a grumpy mood today with the heat.  Then something happened, parked my car, was walking toward the old Rand building, and looked up.  There it was-something beautiful, that made me smile.

public arts

On the side of a typical office building is this lovely flowered mural. It's still in process.  The artist was working on it, and It just made my day. If you want to see this one its near the corner of Washington Avenue and Lafayette St., right past a parking lot.

You might even be able to catch the artist still working on the piece/

Buffalo is know for it's public art, just another reason to love this city.  Here's a link to the other public art.  I tried to get more information from the artist, but she was busy up high, and I didn't want to bother her.  So, if you know her, tell her 'thanks' for brightening my afternoon.  ;-)

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