If you're a fan of... "just Cheetos and a Pepsi for me"... then you could soon be in for some serious rewards.

Pepsi announced a new program last week that will give you cash back when you purchase your favorite snack and drink together.

The program is called PepCoin. The way it works is if you buy a Pepsi product and a Frito-Lay product within 48 hours of each other, you'll earn 10 percent cash back on your purchase.

Each product will be specially marked with a barcode for the rewards program. You can find the barcode on the inside of the drink's cap and on the front of the snack's bag. Once each are scanned on the site, you'll rack up your money. Once you reach $2, that money will be automatically deposited into your Venmo or PayPal account.

Get paid for eating...are you kidding?  You just have to remember to scan the items.

For all the info you need, you can visit PepCoin.com and create an account to get started.


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