Apparently there are some items we can eat, in moderation, without gaining weight according to Wellness Captain.

I think the key word here is moderation, but let's check out the list, and see what you think:

  1. Popcorn - not microwaved, the air-popped variety, do in large part to the fiber content.
  2. Dark Chocolate -  It in most cases contains less sugar and saturated fat than other types of chocolate.
  3. Oatmeal - while not the most attractive or appetizing, it increases satiety and helps you control your appetite better throughout your day.
  4. Boiled Potatoes - surprising since potatoes in-general are usually on the restricted list. Boiled potatoes contain resistant starch, which acts like soluble fiber, filling you and actually suppressing your hunger.

There are a few others, that might not be as surprising but are good to keep in mind as well, check them out here.

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