Bus driver shortages causing delays with pickups and drop-offs and marring back to school for parents and district officials.

The first day of school doesn't always go smoothly but Niagara Falls Schools superintendent Mark Laurrie said it’s never been this rocky. He said the school year had a great start aside from the transportation problem.

Delays on opening days ranged from an hour to an hour and twenty minutes according to officials.

Laurrie said this had been his expectation and he attempted to warn parents ahead of time.

He said the issue revolves around a driver shortage. The district recently hired 10 drivers and the superintendent said he will be meeting with the Niagara Falls peacemakers group to discuss having them on buses and at stops to provide additional assistance to drivers and students.

But he said there’s something else parents can do to help.

Niagara Falls isn’t the only district struggling. The Williamsville district had about 50 kids waiting outside the school for about 45 minutes for transportation home.

Superintendent Dr. Darren Brown-Hall also addressed the issue with parents in a video message Wednesday, where he asked for patience while working through the issue.

Buffalo Public School officials are also dealing with these and other pressing issues as the superintendent said 18 out of 515 drivers have resigned in the past 10 days.

First Student who operates buses has interviewed 192 potential new drivers and expects 30-40% of them to be hired.

The issue has been complicated by parents having to drive students to and from schools causing additional congestion and delays in and around school facilities.


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