It was just a few days ago that Western New York was enjoying warm temperatures and sunshine. However, over the last 48 hours, we have seen a shift to classic fall-like weather; we're talking overcast skies, 50-60 degree temps, and a breeze that lets you know the colder weather months are on the way.

If you've lived in Buffalo long enough, you know that just because it's officially autumn, does not mean that Mother Nature will care and decide to throw a weather curveball your way in October or November.

The heavy snow is likely a ways off (maybe...) but believe it or not, the first average snowfall is just one month away for Buffalo.

The National Weather Service says that Buffalo's first average snowfall is October 24th, which is when the first flakes fall.

The average first measurable snow is November 8th and the first inch of snow falls on November 18th.

We all remember the October Surprise Storm in 2006. On the evening of Thursday, October 12th, and into the early morning of Friday, October 13th, a foot of snow fell on many parts of Buffalo and the northtowns, leaving many without power for days and downed tree branches and power lines.

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That was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of weather event, but so was Snowvember, which happened the week before Thanksgiving in 2014, and the surprise snowstorm in November of 2000. What I'm trying to say is, we're kind of "due" for a snow event in November of October.

Buffalo has taught me to never assume anything when it comes to the weather. I have my shovel, winter gloves, and snow brush ready at all times.

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