An early February snowstorm that is blowing into the Buffalo area is causing many local school districts to decide if they should close for a snow day or switch to remote learning.

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With another major snowstorm on the way to the Buffalo area, the region's largest public school system announced on their Offical Facebook page that they are closing all of their school buildings for in-person classes, and all students, along with school-based personnel, should switch to remote instructions on Thursday, February 3, 2022.

While it looks like the physical school buildings will be closed to students, staff, and administrators; BPS central office staff and non-school based employees are still required to report to their normal worksites.

With students and teachers switching to remote learning, they are expected to follow their normal class schedule online using Microsoft Teams and the Schoology App.

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A few weeks ago the Buffalo Public Schools posted instructions on how to use these tools if parents and/or students are having trouble logging on. You can find a link to those instructions here in another Buffalo Public Schools Facebook post.

In addition to the city of Buffalo Public Schools announcing the closing, other schools in the city of Buffalo are following suit. You can get a complete list of current closures right here on our school closings page.

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Officials in the City of Buffalo are looking to get a jump on snow preparations and have already announced that all alternate parking regulations are in effect this week. Snow removal crews had attributed a large number of illegals parked cars in Buffalo for one of the reasons snow plowing was so bad during the last storm a few weeks ago.

Expected Snow Totals For New York State

The expected snow totals for New York State, via the National Weather Service.

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