The Buffalo Sabres are certainly a more fun team to watch this season that last season, that's for sure. Their goaltending is still a huge question mark, and they have had problems finding secondary scoring and consistency, but the team is more fun to watch and they appear to be on the right track with their rebuild.

The team plays at the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight and they host the Vegas Golden Knights next Thursday at KeyBank Center, for what will be Jack Eichel's return to Buffalo.

But fans are having fun at the Sabres expense today. Not because of what they did on the ice, but rather, what they did off of it.

John Vogl of The Athletic tweeted a screenshot of n email sent to Buffalo Sabres fans and it has a pretty egregious typo in the header.

"Become a Sabres Season Ticket Memeber today!"

Sabres fans are obviously having some fun with it.

Typos happen to everyone. It's something we have all done at some point. However, when you're a professional sports franchise, it's very important to make sure everything is properly spelled, before sending it out to hundreds or even thousands of fans via email or social media.

I wish the Sabres were not made fun of on a weekly basis, but it's easy when this sort of thing happens. Along with not making the playoffs for 11 straight years.

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