Anytime you head out to grab a quick bite in Western New York you hope that you are getting food that has been prepared properly and in a clean environment.

The Erie County Department of Health makes routine checks on all the restaurants in the area to make sure that each of them is up to code to ensure a healthy dining experience for you.

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Here is a look at some of the restaurants in Erie County that were cited for violations last week. The inspections took place on August 24th, 2002 according to the Erie County Department of Health's website.

Denny's Restaurant - Camp Road, Hamburg. 

14-1.44 / Accurate thermometer not provided for a refrigeration unit Corrected During Inspection Thermometer not present in small reach-in on cook line missing during the time of inspection

Pegasus Family Restaurant - South Park Ave, Hamburg.

14-1.150(c) / Garbage container/ Dumpster/ Grease barrel not provided with tight-fitting lids/ left uncovered/ lids left open
Repeat Dumpster left uncovered during time of inspection.

14-1.40( a ) / Potentially hazardous foods not kept at 45 degrees or less during cold holding

Critical Repeat Corrected During Inspection During time of inspection 1 pound of diced tomatoes, 1 pound of turkey, 1 pound of ham and 1 pound of hash had a measured temperature of 52 F in top of left preparation unit along front cookline. Per interview foods had been in unit for 1 hour.
Operator moved potentially hazardous foods to ice bath for rapid cooling to 45 F during time of inspection.

14-1.44 (critical) / Adequate refrigeration facilities not provided or maintained
Critical Repeat Corrected During Inspection During time of inspection, left preparation unit in the front kitchen had a range of measured temperatures between 45 F and 52F. Foods below had measured temperatures of 45 F. Foods on top of preparation unit had measured temperature of 52 F, ham, turkey, hash, diced tomatoes. Operator not maintaining unit to hold potentially hazardous foods at 45 F or below during time of inspection. Operator stated cooks were leaving the top of unit open for extended periods.
Operator moved potentially hazardous foods to ice bath, for rapid cooling to 45 F. Operator is not to use unit until unit is fixed or replace and proven to be able to hold potentially hazardous foods at 45 F during cold holding.


14-1.91(b) / Cutting blocks / Cutting boards / Work surfaces not maintained in a smooth/clean condition.
Repeat Cutting board of left prepation unit deeply scored and stained during time of inspection.


J. P. Fitzgerald's - Clark Street, Hamburg.

14-1.43(a) / Containers of food not stored a minimum of six inches above the floor
Repeat Observed a box of raw chicken on walk-in cooler floor.

Hamburg Brewing Company - Boston State Road, Hamburg. 

14-1.44 / Thermometers to evaluate refrigeration temperatures not available/ inaccurate
Repeat Corrected During Inspection Thermometer missing from reach-in cooler during time of inspection.

The good news is that many of these violations were non-critical and were taken care of when the inspections were still on site.

You can see a list of all the recent inspections HERE.

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