Soon you will have another location to pick up some amazing Polish food.

Earlier this week, the owners of Babcia's Pierogi announced they will be opening up a new location in the Southtowns.

Currently, Babcia's Pierogi is located inside the Broadway Market and soon they will be opening up a 2nd location in East Aurora.

According to their Facebook page, their new location will be located at 33 Elm Street in East Aurora.

Babcia's Pierogi will be moving into the space currently occupied by Blue Eyed Baker. Blue Eye Baker is building a new location, and when it is complete and they move out, Babcia's Pierogi will expand to a 2nd location.

There is no set date at the time of this writing for Babcia's second location to open up.

Babcia's Pierogi is the second Western New York restaurant to announce they are opening up another location this week.

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This is one of the best reasons to live in Western New York. We have so many amazing places to sit and eat and the list keeps growing and growing.

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