Travel and Leisure Magazine has put out a list America's Most Underrated Cities. Out of the 10 cities listed Buffalo made #3.


"Buffalo made a splash this past year, vaulting to the top of the America’s Favorite Cities list, thereby proving that every underdog has its day. The upstate New York city has developed a vibrant arts scene, ramped up its festival calendar, become a leading craft beer producer, and perfected the pizza pie (the local variety is something of a mix between New York thin-crust and Chicago deep dish).  

In spite of their trendy advances, Buffalo residents have maintained an affable, welcoming attitude: T+L readers ranked them high for friendliness. And all this has happened while the rest of the country was looking elsewhere."


The other 2 cities above Buffalo on the list were Nashville, TN and Providence RI. Do you agree with Buffalo being an underrated city? How about its placement on the list? Comment below!

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