There's a twist to this News Story which would normally read, "Buffalo Ranked # in 'Super Sunday Big Game' ratings".  If this News Story's headline were to be broken down to examine WHY or HOW this happened, it could be explained and better understood with this Headline:

Buffalo, NY Hates Tom Brady So Much That They Dominated National Viewership Ratings ... SO They Could Watch Brady Go Down!   

THE CITY OF BUFFALO HATES THE GUY PICTURED BELOW SO MUCH (I don't even want to mention his name) that it showed up in the National Television the extent that "WE" had more Super Sunday Viewers than any other place in The United States of America....including the two cities with teams in the Big Game,

Todd Anderson
Todd Anderson

I mean c'mon..what other explanation could there be?  The ratings, in terms of who and how many people watched "THE BIG GAME", has the Buffalo- Niagara Region ranked #1!  How is that possible?  Again "We" (Buffalo) even beat the Cities who had teams playing IN the Big Game!  WOW!

Here's the actual Breakdown of the Ratings, according to News Reports:

1. Buffalo (56.4)

2. Philadelphia (56.2)

3. Boston (55.9)

4. Minneapolis-St. Paul & Pittsburgh (54.9)

5. Norfolk (53.9)

6. New Orleans (53.0)

7. Providence (52.5)

8. Milwaukee (52.3)

9. Seattle and Kansas City (52.2)

(stats are from

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