On the morning drive to work, most of us know what we are in for when that 9-5 hits: paper work, copies, emails, dealing with people. Whatever it may be, for most of us, we know what is in store for us at work.

However, if you are police officer, each day you will be presented with a new set of challenges and tasks everyday. The Buffalo Police have received a virtual simulation that can present the officers in training with over 180 different "real life" scenarios, according to WKBW. 

According to WKBW, the range of scenarios is very vast, from directing traffic to putting the officers in life and death situations.

The simulator is meant to recreate real life situations that a police officer could face at anytime. It tests how they would respond to certain situations and give them experience without being in life threatening situations.

Not only does it give the officers more confidence in themselves, but it also assess if the officer made the right decision or not. Allowing for peace of mind to themselves and those they will be in contact with in the field.


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