We have the Bills, the Sabres and now the Blue Jays, but there is yet another reason to love Buffalo. WKBW-TV reports Buffalo is one of the best cities in the country to work from home, according to a recent FinanceBuzz survey.

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The survey ranked Buffalo as the 21st best city on the list and took into consideration points that included:

  • Cost of Living
  • Affordable 3+ Bedroom Homes
  • Wi-Fi Speed
  • Proximity to Airport

Buffalo has one of the lowest costs of living on our list, and there are also plenty of affordable three-plus-bedroom homes on the market and a plethora of delivery options. In recent years, the craft beer scene has grown and waterfront neighborhoods have been redeveloped. The city has seven Frank Lloyd Wright buildings for you to tour and plenty of Buffalo-style pizza places for you to try. The best part? The city is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Niagara Falls.

They might have also taken into consideration how nice your home office looks in the midst of a lake effect snowstorm.

Of northeast cities, Buffalo ranked fourth, behind Philly, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore. Buffalo is the only city in New York to even make the list.

In case you are wondering the number one on the list was Kansas City, Mo.

You can find the full survey here.

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