Western New York is full of amazing things that you will only find here in the 716. That is especially true when you are giving someone directions.

I noticed this for the first time when I moved back to Buffalo 5 years ago. I was gone from 2006 until 2018 and when I first came back people were giving me directions around town that I had no idea about.

Here are some landmarks that only people who live in Western New York will understand.


How many times have you been listening to the traffic report and you hear about the traffic being backed up at the Big Blue Water Tower? For people who grew up or have lived here for some time, you know what that means, but if you don't you have no idea what that means!

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This is one for us old-school people. If you are my age or older you might even still use the term Rich Stadium but that big old stadium in Orchard Park is used a lot to give people some direction. Simply say head down California near The Ralph or we will see you at the tailgate in lot 4 of the Ralph and people will know where to go.

Photo Credit: 26shirts
Photo Credit: 26shirts

The Bubble Man On Elmwood

Sadly the "Bubble Man" on Elmwood passed away in 2022 but you can still tell people to meet me at the Bubble Man and people will know where right to meet you. The best part is that people in the area are still honoring him with special tributes all the time.

What are some other places you would add to the list?

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