A new study is calling Buffalo is the rudest city in the country! Seriously?  The "City of Good Neighbors" is rude?  What do you think?

The study commissioned by the British newspaper, The Daily Mail, and several other news agencies looked at phrases on Twitter like "Good Morning" and "F--- You."  It found Buffalo tweeters apparently use the “F” word more than tweeters in other U.S. cities.

The study was conducted by a company called Vertaline that tracks words and phrases on Twitter.  They looked at 462 cities and found Lubbock, TX to be the nicest and Buffalo to be the rudest.   There were a few other surprises as well.  The study found folks in New York City are far friendlier than folks in the Midwest and the South, at least according to their Twitter comments.

So what do you think?  Are we Buffalonians really that rude?

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