Java, 'a cup of joe' or just coffee, well 64% of American's drink and love it.

Arla Organic's Coffee Week Latte Art Throwdown

Well, we have a new shop, called "Jam" in North Buffalo, Parkside that might just make your daily cup of coffee even better.  Yep.  It's Community-Owned coffee at its best.  Everything from artwork, to the coffee beans are buffalo born.

Spectrum news reports,

"We get our dairy, our pastries, our bread as much as we can from local businesses because it's so important to support local businesses,” said Co-Owner Amber Small.

Adds Small,

That’s not the only thing that makes it unique; it’s the business model. The coffee shop is community owned through investors and it’s one of the few businesses in the whole state of New York to operate this way.

Well, sounds like a good excuse for a coffee excursion, see you tomorrow morning.

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