The weather this weekend could be historical and has everyone talking about the massive blizzard of 1977 that crushed Western New York.

The weather this weekend is shaping up to be blizzard-like with a mix of rain, sleet, snow, and ice all packed together with huge wind gusts that could cause whiteout conditions and loss of power.

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WIVB meteorologist Mike Cejka said the weather for this weekend's storm is not exactly like how the Blizzard of '77 shaped up but the impact of the ice, rain, snow, and wind could be the same as it was in 1977.


It looks the like storm will move in and impact the area along Lake Erie and the northern part of Western New York before moving back down south and bringing several inches of snow with it.

We could see travel bans this weekend and white-out conditions on the roads as well.

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