The official NFL schedule release will take place tonight but the Buffalo Bills just announced that they will open the season on Primetime television.

According to a Tweet from the team, the Bills will open the season on Monday Night Football in New Jersey.


Of course, there have been several leaks already since yesterday. We do know the Bills will play in London on October 8th as they "host" Jacksonville.

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Here are some of the other rumors.

It looks like the Bills play on Thanksgiving once again. Josh Allen talked about how it would be awesome for Bills Mafia to be at a home game for Thanksgiving this year.

Also, Bills sideline reporter Sal Capaccio Tweeted out about a possible Monday night game against the Bengals in Cincinnati in November.


There was also a possibility that the Bills could have opened the season at the defending Super Bowl champs the Kansas City Chiefs, but it looks like most NFL insiders say that game, the first of the year, will be the Detroit Lions.

The good news is that we will know the official schedule starting tonight at 8 pm.

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