Video gamers all over Western New York have eagerly anticipated the release of the latest version of the Madden Video game.

This year's game "Madden 24" will feature Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen on the cover.

Now we get a sneak peek at just how good Josh Allen will be in the game as the cover player. The website has posted the leaked ratings of the soon-to-be-released video game.

Last year the ratings were officially released when training camp started which means that would be around July 18th this year.

Here is what the website is saying the highest Bills' ratings will be.


93 overall and 3rd best player on the Buffalo Bills behind Stefon Diggs and Von Miller. Allen's 93 rating also puts him 3rd overall in the QB spot as well. He is behind Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes and Cinninatti's Joe Burrow in the QB category.


Diggs is the highest-rated Buffalo Bill with an overall grade of 97. That number also puts him at the #3 overall wide receiver in the NFL as well.

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Miller who is expected to start the season on the injury reserve is the 2nd highest rated Buffalo Bills with an overall grade of 94. He was playing amazingly before getting injured last season.


Back from an injury, White has an overall rating of 92 which makes him the 4th highest-rated Buffalo Bill player. He is also the #9 highest-rated defensive back in the league.  

Are these the true ratings? We will find out soon.

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