Last nights RHOBH was full of drama. I love Brandy Cibrian!!! She most certainly held her own against the sisters. If you watched the episode last night, Kim definitely had some "issues". Dana is new to the group and she just pacified her odd behavior. Kim may not have been on alcohol, I agree with Brandy she was on something in last nights episode.

 It is not a secret that Kim has some serious issues. She was late for the flight to Sacramento. When Adrienne called her she sounded drunk and when she boarded the private flight she put on a show.  Some words of advice for Brandy, "Don't tell two women, one of them drug induced to bring it and not back it up".  She was doing good until she called herself a slut!! What what what did she say?

The Richards sisters gladly took the opportunity to attack. Kyle finally came to her senses and just shut her mouth. The argument continues and Brandy eventually knocks Kim's finger out of her face. Never put your finger in someones face . They should ask Nene and Kim of RHOA what happens when you put your finger in someones face during a heated argument. This can only end badly. I'm glad to see Brandy defend her self against the wicked sisters. If Brandy gave Leann an ounce of what she gave those two, Leann caught hell.

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