It's the place where The Buffalo Bisons play and we've held our Taste Of Country Concerts for the last 20 years.  This year, it's getting a new name.

Yup, Coca Cola has decided that they aren't going to renew the rights to name the stadium where the Bisons play formerly known as Coca Cola Field.

Per our friends at WIVB, it turns out that Sahlen's Hot Dogs has acquired the naming rights to the ballpark! It just makes sense, right? A ballpark named after the very hot dogs you enjoy AT the park. 

This isn't the first time that park has gone through a name change.  Since the park was opened in 1988, we've seen 5 name changes.  Here are all the names of the field where the Bisons play:

Pilot field - named after Pilot Air Freight in Philadelphia

Downtown Ballpark

North Americare Park

Dunn Tire Park

Coca Cola Field

So what do you think will be next?

Pegula Park?


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