Bills Mafia is EVERYWHERE!

No matter where you turn, chances are you will run into a member of Bills Mafia. Whether it is someone who grew up in Western New York and then left or they know someone from the 716 and root for the Bills, no matter where you go, Bills Mafia is there.

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That includes in Hollywood and on National TV. Did you catch this member of Bills Mafia giving Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and even Coach McDermott a shoutout as he spun the Showcase Showdown wheel on "The Price's Is Right"?

You gotta love Bills Mafia.

It turns out that this guy is the cousin of Bills' sideline reporter Sal Capaccio.

There is ALWAYS a connection to Western New York.

Unlike his beloved Buffalo Bills, he went on to win his Showcase and walked away a champion this year. The Bills will have to wait until next season to win it all and finally bring a Super Bowl Championship here to Western New York.

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