The Buffalo Bills are gearing up for their 2nd pre-season game this Saturday against the Pittsburgh Steelers and many national media outlets think that they are done being a contender to win the AFC.

Many national "experts"  think that the Miami Dolphins and the Jets are the teams to beat out of the AFC East but there are three simple reasons the Bills will win the AFC East this year.

Those three reasons are the Jets, Dolphins, and Patriots. Each of those three teams has glaring issues that should allow the Bills to beat them head-to-head and claim the AFC East.

The New York Jets

First, they don't even know what state they play in. Their home games are in Jersey, but the bigger issue is the offensive live. Sure they added future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers but he got to be as great as he is by extending plays with his feet. Now that he is 39 years old, he doesn't want to run or get hit. The Bills' defense is fast and they should create problems for the Jets' offensive line which means Rodgers will be uncomfortable and won't be his usual HOF self against the Bills.

The New England Patriots

The Patriots have the complete opposite problem than the Jets. Their biggest issue is their quarterback Mac Jones. Jones has been shell-shocked several times when he played against the Bills. His lack of mobility will allow the Bills' defense to attack and attack. Until Jones can prove he is a legit threat to go deep, the Bills will play close to the line and keep the Patriots' offense under wraps.

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The Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are the only team in the AFC East that could cause a problem for the Bills. Their biggest issue is keeping their QB healthy. There isn't a huge drop off from Tua to Mike White the backup but chances are the Bills will see a backup QB when they play the Dolphins and I will take Josh Allen over any backup in the league in a head-to-head game.

So there you have it, three simple reasons the Bills will win the AFC East this season.

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