Ah, Spring is finally here, well it was Friday and Saturday, but not yesterday or today, but tomorrow it will be back...anyway, along with the coming of Spring is the arrival of allergy season.

You're stuffy, feel spacey or out of it, sneezing, eyes watering...you're familiar with the drill.

We've also suffered some of the effects of tree pollen, and mold, so here are some ways to survive your Spring allergies:

  1. Take a shower - in the morning, and at night so you don't bring the pollen you have collected during the day to bed with you.
  2. Rinse your nose - frequently after going outside with saline solution.
  3. Don't open windows - it of course lets fresh air in, and pollen along with it (you can also get an air filtering device)
  4. Pollen is worst in the morning and at night.  Best time to be outdoors is after a rain.

Hope this helps...for more info...check out the full article here.

(USA Today)


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