They just came out with a list of the 100 Best Places To Celebrate Easter.

The good news is your house isn't on the list, so you can relax.  They looked at the percent of Christian population . . . churches per capita . . . brunch restaurants . . . candy and flower shops . . . egg hunt events . . . and the weather forecast.

Number one...New York City, dead last...Hialeah, where did Buffalo place?

Buffalo came in at a very respectable number 16 on the list. Did you know that we spend roughly $151 on Easter?

You know it’s Easter when grocery stores have special aisles just for chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps while their dairy sections keep running out of eggs. Beside Valentine’s Day, it’s the other big “consumer” holiday that’s expected to rake in billions and give every American a toothache.


Most people dye their eggs in bright colors, and hide plastic ones around the home for the kids to hunt on Easter Sunday. At least that’s the Easter tradition that’s familiar to the roughly 80 percent of Americans who celebrate the occasion in some way.

Here in Buffalo it is a family holiday with a visit to church and an Easter ham, and don't forget the butter lamb, and some Easter bread...and an Easter basket or two or three...


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