It's almost time for Easter and one of the things that many people have to have on their Easter dinner table is a butter lamb.  But this one, is a new twist on a traditional favorite.

This is brilliant.  So brilliant that it's one of those things that makes you ask, "How is it that no one has thought about doing this in Buffalo yet?"

The Butter Lamb is an Easter staple.  It's a huge Polish tradition, and with so many polish families here in Buffalo, obviously, it's become a huge tradition here too.  While most people get theirs at the Broadway Market, this year, you can get it at a different place.  And it's not filled with butter.  It's made...of ice cream!

Yeah...Lake Effect Ice Cream, known for their unique holiday flavors, is releasing a "Butter Lamb Ice Cream Cake."

While it's not filled with butter, or even butter flavored, it doesn't say what flavor ice cream the cake comes in.  But it IS in the shape of your favorite Easter tradition!

Want to get one?  Order one now.  They say they're going quickly.  Click here to get yours today!


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