Finally, after a decade of summers with male action heroes, how cool is that we now have a kick-butt female character coming to the big screen? Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming "Wonder Woman" will be the first time the iconic female warrior stars in a major motion picture. This is going to be great...I mean, she is just so cool. She just owns it, "I am a superhero - so what!"  It's the attitude plus...okay, some superhero skills. Like what she can do with her golden lasso? Amazing! Plus, how about her hand-to-hand combat skills? Or her superhuman strength? Oh yeah, she flies too. Imagine flying over Niagara Falls, Olmsted Park, the Skyway, or Canalside.  I so want to be her!

Little girls have imagined having her powers since the beginning (1942, her first comic book). I still have my original Wonder Woman lunch box, and my daughter, Jacqueline loved her Wonder Woman Halloween costume, often wearing it to bed.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 3.31.15 PM
My daughter, Jacqueline

As far as comic-book superheroes go, Wonder Woman has been around longer than most of the guys, except Batman, Superman and Captain America. Smithsonian Magazine even did a tribute to her longevity. 

The movie premieres June 1st, So grab your daughter (and son!) and get a dose of the baddest superhero of the last century!

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