"Another messy mixed precipitation storm will affect all of Western New York through Friday evening," predicts the Channel 2 weather team.

Most of us picked up another 4-5 inches last night.  Which didn't make driving too bad today.  The worry is with a forecast for a chance of freezing drizzle moving across Western New York later today.

This will put an icy crust on top of the freshly fallen snow from overnight. Roads and sidewalks will be icy as we see periods of freezing drizzle and sleet off and on throughout the day today.


The commute home tonight should be okay, with the salt trucks already out.

However another round of moisture is heading our way and will bring more snow and sleet to Western New York later tonight.

With the combination of last night and then expected snow today, we should end up with 8-9 inches total.

There is still a chance for more freezing rain, so that's the concern.

The full Channel 2 forecast is here.

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