Did you know that some bad habits, may actually say something positive about you...for example ...people who complain mindfully —have a specific result in mind — and are often times happier than those who vent.

That is just the tip of the iceberg...here are a few more examples:

Running late:

"Many late people tend to be both optimistic and unrealistic, she said, and this affects their perception of time. They really believe they can go for a run, pick up their clothes at the dry cleaners, buy groceries and drop off the kids at school in an hour."

Having an unorganized work space or a messy desk:

Recent research suggests that messiness prompts people to be more goal-oriented because we're motivated to seek order somewhere.

In other words, simply the sight of a sloppy work space could make you more productive.:


Studies have shown it can help you be more creative.  One study at Harvard found that zoning out for about 12 minutes while working on a difficult task can help you find a solution when you return to that task.

Read on about more pf your shortcomings including; biting your nails, procrastinating and more in this Business Insider article.



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