While, most of us big kids went to work as normal, some folks (not just kids) found time to play.  Well, now it is back to school, what might we have missed because of summer break?


Buffalo News wrote this morning that a lots gone on since June. 

1) The state’s top educator resigned.

2) A backlash grew with talk of more public oversight over private schools.

3) High school graduation requirements are getting a second look.

4) And before you drive past that stopped school bus – think again.

5) The search is on for a new state education commissioner after MaryEllen Elia, the former Sweet Home teacher who took over as the state’s top educator four years ago, surprised everyone on July 15 when she announced she was stepping down Aug. 31.

6) Rethinking the Regents: The state is reconsidering requirements for high school graduation and the use of Regents exams, long considered the benchmark for whether kids in New York have received a good education before exiting high school.The discussion is no surprise given the pressure to improve graduation rates and the difficulty many students have passing the required five Regents exams.

6) Child Victims Act: August brought the start of the one-year window under the recently passed Child Victims Act that allows victims of child sex abuse, regardless of their age now, to sue their abusers and the institutions that employed them.

7) Back To School, What You Might Have Missed Over Summer Break.  Cameras can now be installed on the stop arm of school buses to catch drivers who fail to stop when students are boarding or getting off of school buses.

At that's just a start, for a full list click here, Buffalo News.

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