The latest trendy cocktail is the Moscow Mule that packs a one-two kick (vodka mixed with ginger beer and fresh lime)  and one of the allures is the cool copper cup it is served in. But be aware; the copper can contaminate the drink you are ingesting!

Credit: Marc Flores, Getty Images
Credit: Marc Flores, Getty Images

WIVB reports: There is a new concern about actual copper cups. They could poison drinkers and because Moscow Mules are the new “it” drink, health officials thought this was the time to spread the warning.

According to health officials, the acid in the Moscow Mule cocktail can leech out the copper metal, and once it’s swallowed, it can cause stomach pains, unpleasant trips to the bathroom, or worse.

When making a Moscow Mule, many bartenders use cups that look like copper, but are actually stainless steel. Nickel or stainless steel mugs are both fine to use.

So you would not drop pennies in your drink while drinking it, why use a cup made of the same material to contain your beverage?

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