This could possibly be the most ridiculous thing you could every argue about, but it incites people all the time.

What is the correct way to hang toilet paper?  We may finally have the definitive answer, based on an 1891 patent by New York businessman Seth Wheeler.

The answer... is “over”—no surprise to the estimated 70 percent of wipers who already prefer this position, according to Proponents say an “over” roll provides easier access to the free end of the toilet paper and minimizes the risk of knuckle-on-wall germ gathering.

For further clarification refer to the picture at the top of this post, THAT is the "over" and proper position.

The vehement 30 percent in the “under” camp counter that their position gives a tidier appearance and makes paper less prone to pet attacks.

Regardless of the way you hang your toilet paper, hopefully this will cut down on the incessant arguments, that usually leave BOTH parties feeling "wiped".

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