September starts next week and that means that the fall season is just around the corner. When this time of the year rolls around, there is one flavor that pops up everywhere: pumpkin spice.

I think it's gotten to a point where pumpkin spice has gotten so popular that it's become cool to hate on pumpkin spice anything, which is a true sign that something is ridiculously popular -- when it's "cool" to hate on it.

Personally, I love pumpkin spice things such as pie, bread, cake, cookies, etc. However, there is now something that even I would say crosses the line.

Apparently, there is now pumpkin spice toilet paper. Yes, "toilet paper."

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The pumpkin spice-scented toilet paper is made by Green Meadow Valley and there are rolls of this toilet paper that you can buy. Does it really smell like pumpkin spice? The fact is it does. It has essential oils like clove, ginger, and cinnamon on the cardboard tube inside the toilet paper.

The reviews of the toilet paper are pretty good, although I'm sure it might be used for jokes. Amazon sells it and you can have it shipped to New York State if you want some pumpkin spice toilet paper.

I don't think my fiancee would appreciate the gift of pumpkin spice toilet paper, but it doesn't hurt to try, right?

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