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A lot of people depend on Amazon for deliveries.  They order everything through there from gifts to everyday household needs.  Normally, they're pretty quick too.  So if you need something in a hurry, people don't hesitate to order it online and just count on it being delivered by the time you need it.

This may have slowed the process down a bit though yesterday...

They always say that when you think you're having a bad day, there's always someone out there who has it worse.  This could be one of those days for this driver.

The post came from a guy named Richard Drewniak.  He posted this photo on the Eden Town of New York Community page.  In the description, he said, "If your waiting for your Amazon delivery, it's stuck in my ditch...."

The truck slid off the road on Sisson Highway (route 75) between route 62 and Eckhardt.

The comments go on to say that the driver was trying to turn around and got sucked into the ditch.  It's easy to do with those kinds of trucks.

Luckily it looks as though the driver was ok and they were able to get them out.  According to Richard, as they began to pull it out, the truck would lean further and further into the ditch.  Originally they sent out a recovery truck but then had to wait for an actual tow truck to get it out of there.  The entire process looks as though it took a couple of hours.

We know what it's like to have one of those days and we hope they're having a much better day today.

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